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“A dynamic and responsive NEA that is a vanguard of sustainable rural development in partnership with globally-competitive Electric Cooperatives and empowered Electricity Consumers”
NEA’s five-year Vision (2017-2022) that has three dreams to fulfill: (1) NEA as a vibrant GOCC that is vigilant in pursuing its Mandated Mission of sustaining development in the rural areas in the midst of industry challenges; (2) Electric Cooperatives with consumer services comparable to world-class standards; and (3) Electricity consumers who are empowered and responsible in: (a) electing or representing their constituents to capable EC Board of Directors; (b) participative in EC undertakings towards informed decision- making; and (c) proactive in organizing themselves either locally, regionally or nationally, making their voices and interests’ be heard and considered, even in the halls of Congress. This Vision operationalizes the Mandated Mission. The elements in the Vision will be operationalized through cascaded and aligned Strategic Objectives and Initiatives.
“To promote the sustainable development in the rural areas through rural electrification”
“To empower and strengthen the NEA to pursue the electrification program and bring electricity, through the Electric Cooperatives as its implementing arm, to the countryside even in missionary or economically unviable areas”
“To empower and enable Electric Cooperatives to cope with the changes brought about by the restructuring of the electric power industry”
NEA’s Mandated Mission is derived from Section 2 of Republic Act No. 10531, or the National Electrification Administration Reform Act of 2013. These marching orders aim for a strengthened NEA and thus, its mission aims for strengthened electric cooperatives, which serve as a dynamic partner in implementing the rural electrification program and a greater goal of countryside development.
In NEA’s systematic routine of operation in the pursuit of its goals and objectives, the employees have been guided by the retained core values of “Absolute Honesty, Maximum Efficiency, Total Solidarity.”
Two themes dictate the strategic priorities of NEA to maximize its potentials in ensuring customer satisfaction: Operational Efficiency and Strategic Alliance. Operational Efficiency recognizes the value of lifelong learning by enhancing its human resources’ cognitive and behavioral competencies. It also emphasizes organizational infrastructures, encompassing internal systems and procedures, considering that NEA’s compliance to public standards is necessary. On the other hand, Strategic Alliance, with coalitions and various stakeholders, is geared towards sustaining a symbiotic relationship for peak performance.
The Strategy Map reinforces the importance of NEA to meet the energy consumer demands of the society and to reach the marginalized sectors of the countryside.