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wannajizz.comdudullu araç muayene randevu




A dynamic and responsive NEA that is a

vanguard of sustainable rural development

in partnership with globally - competitive

Electric Cooperatives and empowered

Electricity Consumers


Mandated Mission

⚫ To promote the sustainable development in the rural

areas through rural electrification

⚫ To empower and strengthen the NEA to pursue the

electrification program and bring electricity, through

the Electric Cooperatives as its implementing arm,

to thecountryside even in missionary or

economically unviable areas

⚫ To empower and enable Electric Cooperatives to cope

with the changes brought about by the restructuring

of the electric power industry


Shared Values

To live and be guided by:


Leadership and Initiative

Friendliness and Participation

Honesty and Integrity






Go where the darkness looms

Create the path of light

Walk with the rural folks

Install the lines of progress

Work with the electric cooperatives

Spin the engine of growth

Bring electricity to the industries

Communities and households

Protect the consumers’ interest

Serve with your hearts

Share your talents

And make a difference

Live honestly

Work efficiently

Promote solidarity